Project Description

Carte – Easy Meal Plans




Never struggle with the headache of meal planning again! With Carte you can save any meals that you eat— or want to eat— and each week a highly personalized, flexible meal plan and grocery list are created for you.

Carte aims to make meal-planning seamless with your daily life. It makes building a collection of meals incredibly easy by not only allowing you to add custom meals but also by giving you access to search and browse hundreds of thousands of recipes from across the internet without leaving the app. Carte can even import and organize meals from any webpage containing a recipe! Gone are the days of sifting through endless, bloated, and disorganized websites to find recipes.


  • Automatic, fully customized, and flexible weekly meal plan generation

  • Detailed focus on your meals and meal plans without distractions

  • Build your own collection of meals, their ingredients, and cooking instructions

  • Create custom tags for meals (size, dietary restrictions, region, etc..)

  • Easy-to-follow cooking instruction layout for the perfect kitchen companion

  • Rich, customizable shopping lists built from your plan

  • Review and compare past meal plans with plan history

Premium Features

  • Securely save data and settings in the cloud

  • Browse and save over 300,000 meals from across the web

  • Import meals from any webpage containing a recipe

  • Create or join a family to share meals and lists

  • Real-time sync between devices and family members– see updates instantly